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We enjoy working with some of the most outstanding companies and individuals in the industry that help create some truly amazing events. We choose to partner with the best – because every detail matters when creating a day to remember!

Contact us to to get access to our network for all your additional event needs such as theming, lighting, music, entertainment etc.



We offer an unrivalled creative theming proposition, providing an exciting mix of traditional and contemporary décor for your function. These can either be collected, or if you prefer, we can provide a complete theming service for your chosen venue, fully designed and installed by our professional team of decorators.

We are able to offer advice in your early planning and décor to suit the venue, theme or your own personal taste according to a given budget and your preferred colour scheme.





The magic, ambience, and enchantment of your special day is enhanced through beautifully planned lighting. Whether it be pin spotting tables  to illuminate centrepieces, patterned or floral projections on the walls of your venue, theatrical LED uplighters both inside and outside, customized monogram projections, intelligent lighting, or projectors to illuminate full buildings, the options are vast and inspiring.

Contact one of our specialists and allow them to illuminate the path to creating that special and specific lighting to enhance your venue and event.





Whether you have a contemporary theme or something more traditional and romantic, flowers are always a beautiful way to decorate your day.

The possibilities of how to incorporate flowers are endless; bridal bouquet, reception centrepieces, ceremony flowers, wedding stage flowers, or walkways are to name a few.  Choosing wedding flowers is not easy – especially if you don’t know a hydrangea from a hibiscus. We would recommend that you meet with a florist 6 to 8 months before the big day. A good florist will be able to advise you on what will be in season for your wedding and guide you depending on your chosen venue, style of wedding dress, personality, colour scheme and importantly, according to your budget.

Contact one of our florist to arrange a consultation.



Wedding Stages


A wedding is one day, but the memories and photos are for a life time. This is why a lot of our brides will agree the wedding stage is one of the most important part of their day.  Not only is the wedding stage the main focal point when guests first walk in but this is where most of the photography will take place, creating your ever lasting memories. The wedding stage needs to make an impact, create a long lasting impression on your guests and compliment you. 

There are numerous trends and themes to choose from; contemporary, crystals, traditional, dreamy satin drapes, floral, elegant, mystical, candle lit, beautifully hand carved pillars, water features and the stage can be in any colour combination you desire. 

Contact us for further details and to arrange a consultation.


Centre Pieces


Table centrepieces help create an atmosphere, have a visual impact and provide a great opportunity for you to inject your personality. Whilst traditional flowers are still a popular choice, many couples are now opting for more unique and distinctive designs. There is so much more than ever to choose from these days.

We would advise to choose centrepieces which are sturdy, allow your guests to be able to see each other across the table but at the same time that they command attention as well as create a dynamic space. The only limitation is your imagination. No longer does one have to be conventional when it comes to the decor of the day as the day should be as unique as you are.

Contact one of our event design specialist for an in depth consultation.





As with most parts of the wedding it is important to you choose a mandap that compliments your personality as a couple, the venue and the theme of the wedding.

Whilst traditional carved mandaps are still popular, the trend for modern and unique mandaps has not slowed down either. Popular designs and theming include crystal mandap, round mandap, floral and enchanted forest theme, classic carved pillars draped in beautifully silk, water features and captive lighting.
As long as the four chori’s are part of the mandap, the mandap can be as grand or as subtle as you like.

Contact one of our event design specialists to discuss how they can customize their mandaps and accessories to your requirements so that it is representation of you, bringing your vision to life.



Music & Entertainment


Your day should be a spectacle to remember. A soundtrack accompanies every good memory and your wedding is no different! Music and entertainment will elevate the atmosphere of any wedding. From an elegant harpist at the ceremony, saxophonist during reception drinks, live dancers and singing waiters during the meal to an electrifying DJ working the crowd into the early hours.

Our partnered entertainment companies can deliver on all your requirements, style and taste. Complete professional DJ setups can be provided ranging from light background music to a full entertainment show with plasma packages and LED dance floors.

If you are looking to add something special or unique to the day the following services are also available but are not limited to; live singers, bands, saxophonist, violinist, pianist, harpist, string quartet, choir, singing waiters, dhol players, live Indian classical music, bollywood dancers, and bhangra dancers.

All of our entertainment companies offer various setups, and repertoire with a wealth of cultural musical knowledge. Contact one of our entertainment specialists to discuss how to make your occasion truly unique and stand out from the rest.





A wedding film is a keepsake for the digital age. Long gone are the traditional, cliche, slightly boring and staged wedding videos. The past few years have seen a revolution in event cinematography. Videographers of today are now using similar cutting edge equipment which is used in big-budget films. They will do anything in the name of art to capture that shot for you – be it using a drone, shooting from a moving motorbike, helicopter or even going underwater.

Weddings can only be captured once.

A good videographer will capture your story with the right balance of natural energy, creative flow, light-heartedness, and authenticity,  and it should be done in a way which is unobtrusive and does not disrupt your day. A wedding video will allow you to re-live and experience your day time after time preserving all the emotions and sentiments, bringing back memories forever.

Contact our preferred partners and share your story with them over a cup of coffee.





It is important not to under appreciate the significance of beautiful photography. As we all know once the cake has been eaten, the last song has been played, and the venue has been cleared all we are left with are beautiful sweet memories…. and of course your wedding photographs – your first family heirlooms.

There are many options available these days – you can opt for traditional wedding photographer or a more modern free flowing photographer. Either way, a good photographer should be able to capture your story and moments as they happen, through emotional and breathtaking images of the day. The final images should evoke memories of organic moments capturing your perfect wedding.

An experienced photographer will also give you direction where required, but still allow your personalities to come through bringing an element of calmness with them to the day. They will be experts at putting your guests at ease and never miss an opportunity to capture those important moments. Do make sure you have trust and confidence in your photographer, also importantly that you get along with them as they should be able to make you smile throughout the day.

Contact our preferred partners to discuss the wide range of packages available as well as your budget and requirements. They look forward to collaborating with you to create ever lasting memories.



Master Of Ceremony


You will find there are multiple things taking place at the same time throughout the day that require structure and leadership. This can become stressful for you and the family.  A professional toastmaster may be the answer as it means you can relax and enjoy the day knowing that everything is in the hands of an expert who is looking after your guests and guiding the day through its planned course.

A professional toastmaster will ensure; there is no uncertainty throughout the day, make all relevant  announcements; communicate information in a timely manner with all of your suppliers, families and guests as well as keep the day running to schedule (time).  An experienced toastmaster will prove to be invaluable on the day, with his calm and efficient personality taking over all concerns and worries from you and the family, allowing you to enjoy the perfect day.


Wedding Cars


Arrive at your event in comfort and style in a luxurious car. We are able to offer you the service from a whole host of companies who have a wide range of cars. From the classic vintage Rolls Royce, to modern limousines and Bentleys.

Whichever car your special occasion demands, rest assured it will be driven by fully trained, uniformed, highly courteous chauffeurs.



Wedding Cakes


A focal point in any wedding is the wedding cake, it is believed traditionally that the act of cutting the wedding cake symbolises the couples shared future.
What was once seen as a long term tradition has now become an opportunity to create a wonderful and stunning piece of culinary art to your day. The humble cake has come a long way when it comes to weddings.

A specialist baker will assist you in producing the perfect wedding cake, catering to your imagination. There are a host of elements that can be prepared to suit your taste, style and theme of your wedding; Crystals, embroidery, pearls, vintage, contemporary, naked, method of stacking, even hanging in a bird cage or on a swing. 

Our bakers will not only create cakes which taste delicious with a range of flavours from  the traditional flavours such as vanilla buttercream to the slightly quirky flavours like elderflower but they will also work with you to create a unique and unparalleled wedding cake design which represents you.

Contact our partners for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. They will be delighted to discuss their creations with you.



Make Up Artists


Finding the right make-up artist doesn’t have to be a struggle.

It is your big day, so you want to make sure that you look as flawless as your event. We only recommend the best, so let our partners take care of all your worries from contouring to strobing.

Contact us to be introduced to some of the best names in the industry that will help you achieve the look you are after – you may even be looking for someone to help get you close relatives and friends ready to ensure they share the experience of your magical day.


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